Stupid technology.

I HATE HATE HATE Mobileme. Its the stupid program that .Mac switched over to. I haven't been able to successfully upload a single thing to my website from my phone and now it just deleted half of my iphone pictures. I'm just going to start dumping everything into my Flickr. Grrrrrrrrrr.

I went yard sale-ing today. I picked up lots of weird tchochkies. Some deer that Amanda will probably try to swipe (back off, bitch) and an assortment of weird paintings and clothes. Once the technology gods stop smiting me I will upload a picture of figurines so you can be efficiently creeped out.

Until then....



I want it I want it I want it

Inspired by the world’s most popular game, comes the world’s most popular tiles.

No longer do you have to suffer looking at
bathroom walls with no character.

No longer do you have to hear the words
Terracotta or Slate.

No longer do you have to accept just one colour.

Tetris Tiles puts the fun back into tiling.

Ideal for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms - any place that is worthy of colour and fun.



If you happen to be avalible on Saturday I highly recommend coming to this. There are so many things to do! Activities include ( but not limited to):
a. Browsing fall fashions from Nashville's wonderful budding designers.
b. Getting drunk way too early in the day.
c. Dancing your ass off to all the amazing DJs.
d. Looking at pictures of me in pretty dresses.
e. see above.


nerd love

I can only dream that one day my very own nerd will present me with a valentine as perfect as the ones featured below *sigh*

googlesearch: little bunny foo foo


I will coil and express
and blue-block the furnace
just as brilliant as the veins
who curve like rivers
that make up your perfect design...

(on a lighter note)

emotions, like changes in the weather..

I have had this record on constant repeat for the last week and a half. The moods, as well as the atmosphere surrounding, seem to go hand in hand. I'm not sure if one has influenced the other, But it's always nice to have background while staging the story of your life I suppose. 

Thankfully the heat has let up a little today, as opposed to yesterday when nature had me playing the all-too familiar role of "the sad bastard with black leather seats caught in the sticky, southern sun."

We can all count on a brutal, vicious winter this year. I wish you all great success in picking out your prospective bed warmers and cuddle partners :) 


Workout for the day

" That's pretty much how we get through our own lives, watching television. smoking crap. Self-medicating. Redirecting our own attention. Jacking off. Denial."

Fairy tales make me happy

It's gloomy outside. Let's be five again.

George Washington... my new favorite president. 

see below:

Gettin' paid or gettin' laid

Hooray for paying shit off.

Every time you smoke someone punches a sick kitten. I'm taking this into consideration.

I heard a rumor that they can cure bruxism ( teeth grinding) by injecting botox into your jaw.
Let's hope this is true... Or else I'm going to turn out like this:


Oh, and BTW..

So i'm obviously not in a u-haul on my way to NYC right now. The big migration got moved to October.. this means you have one whole month left of putting up with me.

ps. yes, you can come crash on my couch.

O hai

Amanda Lee has a blog now, which means this shit has gotten serious.
Fun art time!