Finally recovering from the sinus infection that seems to plague my life. Ross said I got sick because I'm in and out of thrift stores and antique malls every day. I like to tell myself that dusty old figurines and books are good for your health, or for your soul at least. I am obsessed with anything that doesn't belong to my generation. Antique stores are like visiting with your grandparents and listening to them tell stories of yesteryear. Since the ones I have left live across the country, I take to these cold warehouses of wonderment to get my fix. I love the elderly. their driving, dressing,ranting,laughing,cooking. strange taste in tapestries and furniture. You would think that I'm just chomping at the bit to try my hand in Bingo or get the senior citizens discount. Not true. I'm terrified of growing old. Of remembering useless stories but forgetting my grand children's names. I think everyone has the same fears as I do. just a part of "growing up." Fearing the unknown. I guess time will tell.

My painting is almost complete! Can you guess who it is? If you can identify him right off the bat, we belong together =D


I've been in a daze lately. It's hard to process tragedy. We like to think that we are invincible, immortal. Really we are just waiting for our card to get pulled. Life is short and time is fleeting. Take care of your body because it's the only one you have. Love your friends and your family unconditionally and treat them the way you would like to be treated. Any one of us could be next. Natalie was a beautiful soul and she will be missed greatly ♥


We shot the spring line for Hana Hattori yesterday and I got to prance around in bunny ears for the better part of the afternoon! You can have yourself a tasty preview below, if you would like:


Also, Thank you everyone for making my 22nd birthday wonderful <3


I eat.
too many.
bagel bites.
I can't stop it.
Why should I?
I love them.

This ship is docked until March. Need a roomate?
I took my mind off of things by unpacking my creepy figurines and re-reading Amanda's post about me staying to make myself feel better.

Oooh pictarz!


Sitting in the Fido parking lot

Listening to my ipod switch from NWA to the Beach Boys. Waiting for Ross to get off work. Dressed up for an old friend's birthday party. Comparing the weather between Nashville and New York wondering what I would be doing If I had moved on time. As the days are quickly dissolving to the eve of my 22nd birthday, It's funny to image how, just one year ago, things we're completely different. I was living with Bo, Amanda and Stefanie. Still doing makeup, but also freelancing for my father. Things had just ended with the boy up north and I was planning my next trip to the big city. I had fell in love a long time ago with New York, and now I feel like my journey to be reunited with my dream is much related to a friendly game of Frogger. Dodging Cars. Dodging debt. I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason, and for the most part I found that phrase to be true. Only time will tell I guess.


And one more thing...

Amanda Lee and I have a very magical friendship. It's kind of like this...

lifewife. <3

Fall is here.

The last two days have been incredible. The adventure started thursday night while watching Ross play to myself, Shuff and a bunch of scantily-clad strippers models. Then it was off to the Becoming's Cd release show which inevitably led to drunken, heartfelt conversations in the Wendy's parking lot. We made it home in one piece, thankgod. On Friday, the boy and I slept in, paid off some tickets at the courthouse, and caught a very late brunch at Fido. We went to Centennial and rolled around in the grass before catching up with Amanda, Dylan and John. We need to find John a girlfriend. Then the group can be complete. Any takers? After the park we picked up groceries and overpriced hipster staples at AA before heading to Amandas for pizza and clay sculpting. We rented Logan's Run and curled up for the night. Today we got lunch and took a stroll through downtown Franklin, went antiquing and caught an amazing vintage British car show at Pinkerton Park. My life is perfect.