Fall is here.

The last two days have been incredible. The adventure started thursday night while watching Ross play to myself, Shuff and a bunch of scantily-clad strippers models. Then it was off to the Becoming's Cd release show which inevitably led to drunken, heartfelt conversations in the Wendy's parking lot. We made it home in one piece, thankgod. On Friday, the boy and I slept in, paid off some tickets at the courthouse, and caught a very late brunch at Fido. We went to Centennial and rolled around in the grass before catching up with Amanda, Dylan and John. We need to find John a girlfriend. Then the group can be complete. Any takers? After the park we picked up groceries and overpriced hipster staples at AA before heading to Amandas for pizza and clay sculpting. We rented Logan's Run and curled up for the night. Today we got lunch and took a stroll through downtown Franklin, went antiquing and caught an amazing vintage British car show at Pinkerton Park. My life is perfect.

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