Finally recovering from the sinus infection that seems to plague my life. Ross said I got sick because I'm in and out of thrift stores and antique malls every day. I like to tell myself that dusty old figurines and books are good for your health, or for your soul at least. I am obsessed with anything that doesn't belong to my generation. Antique stores are like visiting with your grandparents and listening to them tell stories of yesteryear. Since the ones I have left live across the country, I take to these cold warehouses of wonderment to get my fix. I love the elderly. their driving, dressing,ranting,laughing,cooking. strange taste in tapestries and furniture. You would think that I'm just chomping at the bit to try my hand in Bingo or get the senior citizens discount. Not true. I'm terrified of growing old. Of remembering useless stories but forgetting my grand children's names. I think everyone has the same fears as I do. just a part of "growing up." Fearing the unknown. I guess time will tell.

My painting is almost complete! Can you guess who it is? If you can identify him right off the bat, we belong together =D

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