holy crap

I've seen some shit on the Nashville missed connections but this BY FAR takes the cake:

I saw you crying...don't be sad.


So Sexual

I don't normally do this, but...

I just got done with Sebastien Tellier's latest record, Sexuality.
It's so good! Rarely can I ever listen to a record all the way through. I found myself excited for the next track whist tapping away on my keyboard all night. I'm very picky about my electronica, especially when it's french (my favorite). Maybe it's because deep down no one can compare to AIR? I was skeptical about this album at first because I heard Daft Punk produced half of it. To me Electronic music teeters a very fine line, and if anything comes off sounding too much on the techno aspect, I turn it off before my ears bleed. Two thumbs up, Sebastien.

The countdown

My brother comes into town today!! For those of you who know me, you know this is a huge deal as I get to see my big bro maybe once a year. Sometimes I don't get to see him at all. That being said, I will be parading him around town and showing him off in true little sister fashion.

So Michael Jackson converted to Islam?
What do you want for Christmas?


i need sleep.


"It's yellow, it's ugly, it fits with nothing ... But it could save your life ..."


Ooh, a piece of candy!

Finally starting to feel better. I think my immune system is mad at me. I never get sick like this. For the most part, I get a sinus infection maybe 2x max a year. In 2008 I've gotten sick at least 4000 times so far. Ugh. Getting a third job has been tricky. I need to stop being so picky and just give in. As I stated in my previous post, I'm beyond tolerating a working enviornment where my co-workers stress me out. I don't mind working under pressure or even stressful job duties but I simply cannot handle stressful colleuges anymore. I have enough on my plate ( read: THIRD job). Yes Amanda, my business counts as a job as it is how I pay my bills.. =D

Saving up for the holidays is hard work. I have a tendency to shower the ones I love with presents. I get that from my mother. Even if my bank account won't allow it. Thankfully I have gotten very crafty. I think i'll be thrifting for everyone this year. Finding great pieces and sewing them to make it a little more personal. Just a thought.

Today we started pricing everything for the holiday sale @ Two Elle. Amanda V and I used our own thrifty ways as a pricing guide (Sorry Rachel!!!) You all should be pleasently surprised =) It's going to be good. REAL good. The sale starts Saturday and will continue through the week.

Is it okay that I'm afraid to start reading Twilight? I know how I get. I was freakishly obsessed with those Damn Harry Potter books. I expect this to be no different.

And for the love of god Stephanie Shuff, When are we going to eat alligator?

Till next time


Surrounded by bunnies

I started my new job at Two Elle today and I LOVE it. It's so nice to work with a group of people who aren't in constant competition with each other. Working around people in the same field as myself can be exhausting as everyone feels like they have something to prove. From that stems gossip which creates an unsavory work enviornment filled with drama and negative energy. All the girls that I work with are also small business owners like myself, and we all do things that can benefit each other. One is a photographer, the other is a designer etc... I think I'm really going to enjoy my time here.

I am getting sick again, though. Why is it so hard to bring myself to getting that stupid flu shot? I'm so scared of needles. It's become slightly ridiculous. I can normally be a big girl when it comes to typically scary things ( spiders, snakes..) but those stupid sterile pointy things just send me running in the other direction. Why can't they just come out with the vaccine in pill form?

Oh, and speaking of health....



I've been on a winning streak at Goodwill.

See you tonight at Club Sportag?


I am not a benevolent God.

I'm really into Chuck Klosterman lately.

The last couple of days have been filled with friends and home cooked meals. Wednesday we had what we thought was going to be an intimate group of friends bonding over a healthy vegan dinner turn into a packed house full of faces from yesteryear. There was enough to go around thankfully, and the evening was spent laughing over Chainsaw's life growing up next to the Helen Keller museum.Renee brought up the riveting discussion of who was a vet and who would be considered "fresh meat" if we had a Nashville edition of Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I'm a vet. Ross is fresh meat. Then of course we played "Tits in a box" and "who what when where why". Thursday it was on to Colleen's for home made Indian food and wine. We all had to draw ourselves on doilies and put them on the wall. I added too much blush to mine and ended up looking like a tranny. Yeah Yeaaah. I'm starting to miss the sweaty Tuesday tradition of Agave, but it's nice to be able to trade in the dancing shoes for warm conversation and beverages.

Also, I think I found a place to live. Are you even ready for me to be living back in Nashville? This could quite possibly mean that we never have to worry about Renee getting pissed and trying to walk home again! Well....

I wish there was peace amongst the group. Maybe I can add that to my Christmas list?

Right next to anything of these from Berkley Illustration's Etsy :)


Gimme Gimme Gimme

Insight Cottontail tank (to add to my collection)
A kitten mask for me to paint =)

A subscription to my favorite magazine, Lula
These amazing Paule Ka gloves

Christmas is right around the corner, Y'all!


Je voudrais aller en France.

I feel like I have been passed over.
What a strange night. Well, second half of the night. late night. It was wonderful earlier. I stopped in at the West End SB to see Renee who did an amazing dance when she saw me. Smoked cigarettes and discussed why we are such awful cooks. I then went to Borders where I read everything from uber-expensive fashion magazines to books on French, Acrylic painting, and finally the Daring book for girls. Shortly after I had to have a most uncomfortable conversation where I felt like I was constantly putting my foot in my mouth. I don't know what's been going on lately. I feel jilted and unsettled. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons or my lack of appreciation for winter. I can't stand feeling like someone is draping the wool over my eyes. I like to be in the know about everything, good or bad. But at the same time knowing unpleasant things only cause my over-analytical mind to dwell and prevent me from falling asleep at night.

I need a break.

I'm just tired of under-lying issues. I'm tired of alterior motives. I just want to play peacefully in the sandbox. I don't have any enemies (that I know of) so everything should be sunshine and rainbows. It feels like years since I've spoken to my best friend. I'm not convinced that's part of growing up.

I would just like to wear bunny ears and giggle and drink tea and pretend we are five again. Is that too much to ask?


I'm feeling full of love this afternoon

Is it cool to be American again? I just saw an article that had pictures of people's reactions from all over the world when Obama won. Every single country pictured seemed just as happy as ( most of us) were. Is the rest of the country going to give us a second chance? We are not all beer drinking, truck driving, jesus freaks over here, you know. I hate when people refer to Obama as the anti-christ. I don't think being charismatic and handsome and full of fresh ideas necessarily means your the son of the dark lord. I mean, what about JFK? Some things are going to take a while. I'm just glad we have taken the first step.


Off this election business. I had so much fun last night just sitting outside of Fido with Renee and Daysha. It was growing progressively more chilly by the minute but we had our free lattes and cigarettes to keep us warm. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. It's nice to have time with the girls.

I wish Amanda Lee would stop ditching out on me.

Can I have these animals for Christmas plz?

baby miniature deer
french bulldog
pet fox

If anyone is relatively unemployed like myself (freelancers) Grab some coffee and meet me in the park. and bring Apples to Apples.

I love my boyfriend.



Damn you, HRO. You tagged all of us.
What are we supposed to do then!????

What is the most authentic Alt job?

We did it!

Dear America:

Thanks for not fucking this up.
I love you again.

-Lauren ♥



Did you vote? I hope you did.