Ooh, a piece of candy!

Finally starting to feel better. I think my immune system is mad at me. I never get sick like this. For the most part, I get a sinus infection maybe 2x max a year. In 2008 I've gotten sick at least 4000 times so far. Ugh. Getting a third job has been tricky. I need to stop being so picky and just give in. As I stated in my previous post, I'm beyond tolerating a working enviornment where my co-workers stress me out. I don't mind working under pressure or even stressful job duties but I simply cannot handle stressful colleuges anymore. I have enough on my plate ( read: THIRD job). Yes Amanda, my business counts as a job as it is how I pay my bills.. =D

Saving up for the holidays is hard work. I have a tendency to shower the ones I love with presents. I get that from my mother. Even if my bank account won't allow it. Thankfully I have gotten very crafty. I think i'll be thrifting for everyone this year. Finding great pieces and sewing them to make it a little more personal. Just a thought.

Today we started pricing everything for the holiday sale @ Two Elle. Amanda V and I used our own thrifty ways as a pricing guide (Sorry Rachel!!!) You all should be pleasently surprised =) It's going to be good. REAL good. The sale starts Saturday and will continue through the week.

Is it okay that I'm afraid to start reading Twilight? I know how I get. I was freakishly obsessed with those Damn Harry Potter books. I expect this to be no different.

And for the love of god Stephanie Shuff, When are we going to eat alligator?

Till next time


amandalee said...

i know its a job boo. this worries me, do you see me as a nagging mother type? do i doubt your career goals? do you not think i beleive in you. cause i do. and i love you. and i know you work hard. ok?

i cant shop til wednesday so you better hide stuff places for me!

stephanie said...

next weeeeek!!!!!