I am not a benevolent God.

I'm really into Chuck Klosterman lately.

The last couple of days have been filled with friends and home cooked meals. Wednesday we had what we thought was going to be an intimate group of friends bonding over a healthy vegan dinner turn into a packed house full of faces from yesteryear. There was enough to go around thankfully, and the evening was spent laughing over Chainsaw's life growing up next to the Helen Keller museum.Renee brought up the riveting discussion of who was a vet and who would be considered "fresh meat" if we had a Nashville edition of Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I'm a vet. Ross is fresh meat. Then of course we played "Tits in a box" and "who what when where why". Thursday it was on to Colleen's for home made Indian food and wine. We all had to draw ourselves on doilies and put them on the wall. I added too much blush to mine and ended up looking like a tranny. Yeah Yeaaah. I'm starting to miss the sweaty Tuesday tradition of Agave, but it's nice to be able to trade in the dancing shoes for warm conversation and beverages.

Also, I think I found a place to live. Are you even ready for me to be living back in Nashville? This could quite possibly mean that we never have to worry about Renee getting pissed and trying to walk home again! Well....

I wish there was peace amongst the group. Maybe I can add that to my Christmas list?

Right next to anything of these from Berkley Illustration's Etsy :)

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rachel would said...

i'm ready for you to move to nashville so we can be best friends again. we belong together, really. let's give into it.