I'm feeling full of love this afternoon

Is it cool to be American again? I just saw an article that had pictures of people's reactions from all over the world when Obama won. Every single country pictured seemed just as happy as ( most of us) were. Is the rest of the country going to give us a second chance? We are not all beer drinking, truck driving, jesus freaks over here, you know. I hate when people refer to Obama as the anti-christ. I don't think being charismatic and handsome and full of fresh ideas necessarily means your the son of the dark lord. I mean, what about JFK? Some things are going to take a while. I'm just glad we have taken the first step.


Off this election business. I had so much fun last night just sitting outside of Fido with Renee and Daysha. It was growing progressively more chilly by the minute but we had our free lattes and cigarettes to keep us warm. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. It's nice to have time with the girls.

I wish Amanda Lee would stop ditching out on me.

Can I have these animals for Christmas plz?

baby miniature deer
french bulldog
pet fox

If anyone is relatively unemployed like myself (freelancers) Grab some coffee and meet me in the park. and bring Apples to Apples.

I love my boyfriend.

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