Surrounded by bunnies

I started my new job at Two Elle today and I LOVE it. It's so nice to work with a group of people who aren't in constant competition with each other. Working around people in the same field as myself can be exhausting as everyone feels like they have something to prove. From that stems gossip which creates an unsavory work enviornment filled with drama and negative energy. All the girls that I work with are also small business owners like myself, and we all do things that can benefit each other. One is a photographer, the other is a designer etc... I think I'm really going to enjoy my time here.

I am getting sick again, though. Why is it so hard to bring myself to getting that stupid flu shot? I'm so scared of needles. It's become slightly ridiculous. I can normally be a big girl when it comes to typically scary things ( spiders, snakes..) but those stupid sterile pointy things just send me running in the other direction. Why can't they just come out with the vaccine in pill form?

Oh, and speaking of health....

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