Winter Follies

The other night Amanda and I were looking through this book (I can't mention the title because it is a christmas present). We decided that the best way to read it was to act the part. So we played dress up. We put on our best furs, jewels, baubles, and heels and snuggled back in bed to finish our reading. We took polaroids of our outfits and then John came over and made pasta. Feeling luxurious and under the influence we wrote letters to our friends, some close and some estranged. And then Amanda gave me kewt bangs. All in all a lovely evening.

Sunday night was delightful as well. Ross and I attended the annual Bongo christmas party. You had to bring a gift for a child so we set out and found a stuffed tiger whom we quickly grew attached to. There was a man drawing caricatures there and after a few shots we decided to have ours done. I asked the man if he could draw a Jon Waters moustache on Ross and when he flipped the finished product around to show us we looked more like Frito Bandito and Kathy Lee Gifford than our actual selves. We tried to steal the tiger back but Santa had already bagged him up to take to the children.

<--NOT us.

After that we headed to Amanda Lees for family game night. We could only stay for a moment before the boy grew cranky and it was time to head back to Franklin.

Christmas is quickly approaching. Have you had luck in turning all those dollar bills into Christmas presents?
Tim McGraw is running for Governor?
Who keeps choosing these awful girls for the cover of NYLON?

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