Playing catch up

I have no excuse.
This week has been slow and painful and I have done nothing but roam around the house, miss my boyfriend and occasionally go to work.

It's snowing outside and I am not happy. Because snow generally means ice which generally means that I cannot leave my house. I am terrible at driving in these conditions. Thanks to the lack of traditional "christmas" weather in Tennessee, I have only had to attempt it twice so far.

1. High School: Pulled out of my driveway and ended up facing the neighbors house behind me. In their front yard.

2. 3 years ago (I think): Heading home from Franklin. Drove 10mph down 65. Had to detour by the airport. Slid and almost dropped off the onramp trying to avoid the slew of oncoming vehicles.

Granted on both of these occasions I had a rear-wheel drive car with low pro tires that aren't even that safe for normal conditions. Now I have a nice german automobile with all-wheel drive. Still not looking forward to dying.

I hate cold weather. hatehatehatehatehate cold weather. New York is different. Yes, It's frigid. But New York also has Public Transportation so I don't have to risk my life operating a moving vehicle in it's " winter wonderland."

Went to see the Cool Kids last night. Pretty good. I hoped I would have bypassed Matt & Kim but I didn't have the times right. I can honestly say that I am not a fan. I mean, I get it. The music is cute. You can dance to it. The lyrics ( from what I could hear) are kitchy and someone can relate it to their life. But as I stated to my friend last night who wondered why I stood there scowling during the set:
"I'm not one to hate on anyone's art, more power to them..but personally if you gave me the option of listening to a Matt & Kim record all the way through or eating raw cow tounge, I would have to choose the latter."

My view on the situation is this: If I (who hasn't the slightest inch of musical talent) can make the music that you are playing on stage right now then you aren't really a musician. It's people like that (and Fergie) who continue to poison what people percieve as good music. They ruin the tastes of our generation and ruin the spirits of those who spend their lives studying composition to keep the spirit of those who actually gave a damn (like mozart) alive.

These are all just personal opinions.


chainsaw said...

i love u a lot

lets join forces to take down matt & kim, but ecspecially fergie

Lauren said...

H.A.A.M '09
"Hipsters against awful music"

I'm sending you some inspiration for your painting extravaganza, btw =)

Just some pictures that always help me when I'm in a creative rut.

amandalee said...

lets just start some awful band and get famous.

also sam was on the place with matt and kim yesterday morning. irnonic?