Gloomy sunday

Armed with Dragons of Eden and a double-shot soy latte, I began as what I knew was going to be a very long, boring day at the store. The sun has been playing peek-a-boo all afternoon and even though it's warmer today than usual, the foot-traffic through the 12Th South district is pretty much non-existent. Thankfully Ellie came by to keep me company and to wrap with me about the usual suspects (money, boys, spicy food...)

I feel as though I should make a comment about one or the other here, but I'll spare you the details.

Instead, let's talk about craigslist.
This website runs my world. I wake up in the morning and before I even think about checking any of my three social networks I immediately run my mouse to the top left of my browser and get my daily dose of madness. Starting with the M4W missed connections (vanity) and then to the M4M (humor) and finally ending with the W4W (curiosity). From there I cruise the job postings, the misc. free items section, and sometimes when I need a good laugh, I check the "best of" for any updates. I can spend hours on craigslist. It's such a grab-bag of people who post that the result is simply...intoxicating. I love reading the tech-savvy nerds battle it out with hillbillies on the forums. Its fun to imagine what some of these people look like, what they do in their day to day. In writing this I think I just realized how creepy I am.

Today's gloomy weather playlist includes:

Stevie Wonder- Natural Wonder
Talking Heads-Remain in Light
Uncle Skeleton -Uncle Skeleton Presents: Pancho Chumley
NAS (until an older couple came in)
Various YouTube vids
(Currently) Leonard Cohen-Death of A Ladies' Man

I heard Leonard Cohen has been touring. Apparently his manager took him for all he was worth. What a shame. Mr. Cohen has and always will be one of my favorite artists. It's not even about his voice. The vivid pictures and scenarios he weaves in his songs haunt you. Leonard doesn't try to sway you with beautifully disguised lyrics or melodies. He's raw. His voice is shaky, whether he is singing out of his range or even just speaking. He makes you feel like you are sitting next to him in some shady, dimly-lit hole in the wall and he is pouring out his heart to you over a bottle of gin. Tales of Love lost and found. Of pain and happiness (mostly pain). He's been there. and now he's making you glad that you aren't him. Even though he wreaks of Stale Doral cigarettes and liquor, there is something strangely worldly and welcoming about him.

Leonard Cohen is the weathered traveller that you have read about in stories from your childhood, only in current times and much, much more real. No dragons, No damsels in distress. Just haggard from women and life. And now I guess his manager, too.

and that's why I love him so. If you ever find yourself stuck in a scenario that relates to matters of the heart (which they mostly always are) Go out and get this cd and play "Iodine." Then just sit back and let father Cohen shed some light on the situation for you.

I'm having boyfriend withdrawals. Damn you minimoog and your voodoo magic spells you put on Ross.

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