Hey you...

You're doing it again...

You seem utterly oblivious so I thought I would just point it out....




Already bored with doing my taxes. Want to look at pretty pictures. Want to be next to my pretty boyfriend. Want to be Sofia Coppola:

I filled out a survey for a friend and one of the questions read: Have you experienced a quarterlife crisis?


That's where we are now, huh? We have become so spoiled by our modernized culture that we think school and working at clothing boutiques are soooo stressful they cause our precious, tiny underdeveloped brains to go into overload. We are so caught up with our social interactions and clothing, with our own "self-awareness" that we think life is tough. jesuschrist. How would our grandparents respond to our "quarterlife crisis?" Sometimes it's hard to imagine what life was like for them. Working actual jobs...factories..military...shit that made you a man. Not sitting in a coffee shop pretending to be sooo busy.

Think about it. Let's break it down. Now correct me if I'm wrong and there are of course exceptions to this but, for the first 18 years of our lives we are taken care of by our parents. No rent, No buying groceries, probably no car payment, No bills.... So in three years you already want to throw in the towel, huh? Get your first taste of the "real world" and your ready to crawl back in the womb? "OMG I've almost graduated college and there are so many possibilities, how can I even DEAL right now?" Our parents must be so proud. Damn TV and playing Oregon Trail in school. Made reality so scary.

I hate my generation.
We let the team down, guys.

Well, that's enough of that. Let's look at more pretty pictures! Wheeeee!!!!!!


... an endless pot of money.
... more hours in the day.
... a personal assistant.
... you to be more aware.

that is all.


"...and I know they all check me out.. I'm like a walking porno to them..."

Happy Valentines day

Suck it up and show someone you care today <3


google search: mother fucking unicorns

WHAT!!!????? UNICORN MUSEUM!??????!!??? Where!? What kind of treasures await you inside!?? Can you even IMAGINE the gift shop?


Spring cleaning

Let's talk about my obsessions for a moment.

I've started fine-tuning my ipod. This is a very difficult task as I am completely obsessed with music inside and out. Deleting songs and artists to me is kind of like letting a tiny piece of me die. Every single track on this device is linked to some memory, good or bad. I'm doing this though, because I have decided to become more strict on the music I allow to play in my free time. Now, my collection isn't perfect. I have random tracks here and there, and that also really bothers me. I also have things that I haven't bothered listening to since I first started using itunes. From this decision I have also decided to dedicate more attention to my dusty, dated vinyl collection. This is mostly because the majority of the music I long for isn't avalaible on the web or itunes.

My clothes are getting the same treatment. I'm moving into a place with no closet space so I have to work 3 rolling racks, a dresser packed to the brim, and countless storage boxes into the floor plan of my room. A little much, no? Watch your back, Local Honey, I'm coming for all of your store credit.

I also had another revelation. This morning as I was struggling to silence my alarm, I rolled over what I thought was an old bar rag soaked in nicotine. It was my hair. I gotta quit smoking. Smokers, do you even KNOW how bad we smell? It's awful. and gross. and bad for you. The worst part of this is even as I type out why I hate smoking and it's the most disgusting habit in the world, I find myself thinking,"man, I could really go for a smoke break right now..."


I'm obsessed with smelling good all the time, as well as everything around me. If you think I'm a music nazi, wait until you put me in a room that I find odoriferous. Help us all.

Maybe it's because of the events on the horizon that I have started becoming more high-strung. Maybe it's because I'm tired of settling. Maybe it's just the season. Regardless, it's time to engage in a little spring cleaning.




Go on, try it....



You know what grinds my gears?

1.My car being in the shop. AGAIN. Had to drop it off this morning. I just got my car back after being stranded for almost 2 months. Ugh. Timing belt or something. thermostatradiatorsquirrelgotstuckgnawingonthewires.

2. This weather. Enough already. This isn't Chicago. It's the south. Stop acting like you can step up and bring the big snow, TN.. YOU CAN'T.

We had to shoot the spring stuff for the 2L website yesterday. That meant Rachel and I had to attempt to look cute in shorts and dresses while it was 21 degrees outside with a -40 below wind chill.

3. Celebrity Rehab and any other show that isn't the Pickup Artist on VH1. Kill yourself. It's just not worth it. You will probably be more famous than you could ever be alive after agreeing to do this show.