Already bored with doing my taxes. Want to look at pretty pictures. Want to be next to my pretty boyfriend. Want to be Sofia Coppola:

I filled out a survey for a friend and one of the questions read: Have you experienced a quarterlife crisis?


That's where we are now, huh? We have become so spoiled by our modernized culture that we think school and working at clothing boutiques are soooo stressful they cause our precious, tiny underdeveloped brains to go into overload. We are so caught up with our social interactions and clothing, with our own "self-awareness" that we think life is tough. jesuschrist. How would our grandparents respond to our "quarterlife crisis?" Sometimes it's hard to imagine what life was like for them. Working actual jobs...factories..military...shit that made you a man. Not sitting in a coffee shop pretending to be sooo busy.

Think about it. Let's break it down. Now correct me if I'm wrong and there are of course exceptions to this but, for the first 18 years of our lives we are taken care of by our parents. No rent, No buying groceries, probably no car payment, No bills.... So in three years you already want to throw in the towel, huh? Get your first taste of the "real world" and your ready to crawl back in the womb? "OMG I've almost graduated college and there are so many possibilities, how can I even DEAL right now?" Our parents must be so proud. Damn TV and playing Oregon Trail in school. Made reality so scary.

I hate my generation.
We let the team down, guys.

Well, that's enough of that. Let's look at more pretty pictures! Wheeeee!!!!!!

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Amanda Valentine said...

Holy cow, AMEN! I'm never whining again (ha).