You know what grinds my gears?

1.My car being in the shop. AGAIN. Had to drop it off this morning. I just got my car back after being stranded for almost 2 months. Ugh. Timing belt or something. thermostatradiatorsquirrelgotstuckgnawingonthewires.

2. This weather. Enough already. This isn't Chicago. It's the south. Stop acting like you can step up and bring the big snow, TN.. YOU CAN'T.

We had to shoot the spring stuff for the 2L website yesterday. That meant Rachel and I had to attempt to look cute in shorts and dresses while it was 21 degrees outside with a -40 below wind chill.

3. Celebrity Rehab and any other show that isn't the Pickup Artist on VH1. Kill yourself. It's just not worth it. You will probably be more famous than you could ever be alive after agreeing to do this show.

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