Spring cleaning

Let's talk about my obsessions for a moment.

I've started fine-tuning my ipod. This is a very difficult task as I am completely obsessed with music inside and out. Deleting songs and artists to me is kind of like letting a tiny piece of me die. Every single track on this device is linked to some memory, good or bad. I'm doing this though, because I have decided to become more strict on the music I allow to play in my free time. Now, my collection isn't perfect. I have random tracks here and there, and that also really bothers me. I also have things that I haven't bothered listening to since I first started using itunes. From this decision I have also decided to dedicate more attention to my dusty, dated vinyl collection. This is mostly because the majority of the music I long for isn't avalaible on the web or itunes.

My clothes are getting the same treatment. I'm moving into a place with no closet space so I have to work 3 rolling racks, a dresser packed to the brim, and countless storage boxes into the floor plan of my room. A little much, no? Watch your back, Local Honey, I'm coming for all of your store credit.

I also had another revelation. This morning as I was struggling to silence my alarm, I rolled over what I thought was an old bar rag soaked in nicotine. It was my hair. I gotta quit smoking. Smokers, do you even KNOW how bad we smell? It's awful. and gross. and bad for you. The worst part of this is even as I type out why I hate smoking and it's the most disgusting habit in the world, I find myself thinking,"man, I could really go for a smoke break right now..."


I'm obsessed with smelling good all the time, as well as everything around me. If you think I'm a music nazi, wait until you put me in a room that I find odoriferous. Help us all.

Maybe it's because of the events on the horizon that I have started becoming more high-strung. Maybe it's because I'm tired of settling. Maybe it's just the season. Regardless, it's time to engage in a little spring cleaning.


chainsaw said...

your one of my favorite people alive & i miss u. thats all

amandalee said...

YES! to all of it!