spring time

(slowly but surely) it's starting to warm up again. I've been on the prowl for a shiny used bike to ride to work in the mornings. I'm so excited to finally have this option. I have always wanted to live close enough to bike almost everywhere I need to go. Since I have been so slammed lately I haven't had the time (or energy) to work out and whip my frumpy winter body back in shape. With a bike and only three blocks between my work and where I live I can kill two birds with one stone. Unless it's raining of course.

I don't care if CARLES (HR) has decided to turn his attention to mobile hipsters. Nothing wrong with being a "bike-alt." think being healthy/carbon footprint conscious isn't liek "s0000 zany" after all. Human after y'all.

Moving right along, folks.

spring also means changing my closet's color palette. I'm probably most excited for this. Following my love for Sophia Coppola, this season will be inspired by her and all of her beautiful films. Pastels, creams and for my own personal touch, a few primaries.

bikes with baskets filled with gorgeous flowers and flowing dresses in the daintiest of colors and fabrics. Bunnies and foxes and birds and butterflies. Falling asleep in the park and dreaming about far away lands.

So happy to shed my winter skin. almost.

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