He turned to me and said, " little rabbit, there is no need to fear the monsters that lurk around the corner, for they aren't any worse than the ones you have already created."

Besides, It's all just smoke and mirrors, anyway...




5:23 a.m

time to roam.


Science moment

Ladies and Gentleman, It is with great honor that I present to you...

The Dumbo Octopus!

Dumbo octopus
Family Opisthoteuthidae

These charming deep sea octopus get their common name from their paired fins that look like elephant ears. They are found to considerable depths - one was sighted at 7,000m, the deepest depth of any cephalopod.

Watching the Dumbo Octopus swim is like watching a bird crossed with a pac-man ghost. It flaps its wings instead of jets around like it’s blue water cousins. It also has unnervingly human eyes, complete with what appears to be pink eye lids, whites, and irises. Their familiar eye just adds to their oddness though, as there is nothing else familiar about their face, and you can’t figure out which end is the front.

Fun fact: Unlike most of it's benthic brethren, The Dumbo Octopus swallows its prey whole.

Status: Extremely rare, and mostly misunderstood but not endangered.


The great divide

Sometimes I wonder what it's like on the other side. I have chosen a path that revolves around my creative (and very vain) interests, such as beauty and art. I couldn't imagine living a very happy existence without being surrounded by such things at all times. But lately, and especially last night, I have been looking more into the other side of me. For the longest time I have had a constant battle with myself on whether or not to go back to school. I want to go, I yearn to immerse myself in knowledge and spend hours pouring over textbooks dedicated to things that stimulate my brain. Yet the other side of me, who is as stubborn as the day is long, tells me it's just not worth it, that I am happy being my own boss, and living, (for lack of better term) this "Bohemian" lifestyle.

Something that I feel like only a few people (stefanie) know about me is that I'm also freakishly obsessed with two other things: animals and tearing apart a person's psyche. I love animals. I love observing animals and studying their behavior because I believe that when we study them in their natural habitat, doing what seems to be silly animal things, that we are really studying ourselves, in the purest form.

With that being said, and with almost as much enthusiasm, I love studying people. Anthropology. History. Psychology. Why we do certain things/ why we feel certain things/how we react/what makes us tick/where we came from/evolution (that ultimately ties my two passions together)// and basically everything outside, around, and in between. If you know me, I always have some grand explanation of human behavior for you that probably just makes me sound like a cynical bitch. Well, no one said it better than *cringe* the bloodhound gang, "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals...

You know the rest.



I think my head just exploded.


This weather makes me so unproductive. I just want to lay in bed and listen to music and daydream. Too bad I don't have minions to do my bidding. But at least I have these amazing photographs. If anyone knows who did them, please let me know. I'll just be here, in my bed, daydreaming that I was roaming through those forests...


Welcome to the lion's den

I did it. I cracked under the pressure. I have finally succumed to the evils of the interweb.

I now have a twitter.

Christ help us all.

With that being said, follow me on twitter, y'all!!!


Pencil it in..

Can't wait to see you there <3