Science moment

Ladies and Gentleman, It is with great honor that I present to you...

The Dumbo Octopus!

Dumbo octopus
Family Opisthoteuthidae

These charming deep sea octopus get their common name from their paired fins that look like elephant ears. They are found to considerable depths - one was sighted at 7,000m, the deepest depth of any cephalopod.

Watching the Dumbo Octopus swim is like watching a bird crossed with a pac-man ghost. It flaps its wings instead of jets around like it’s blue water cousins. It also has unnervingly human eyes, complete with what appears to be pink eye lids, whites, and irises. Their familiar eye just adds to their oddness though, as there is nothing else familiar about their face, and you can’t figure out which end is the front.

Fun fact: Unlike most of it's benthic brethren, The Dumbo Octopus swallows its prey whole.

Status: Extremely rare, and mostly misunderstood but not endangered.


Cheyenne Elvis Cannon said...

OMG!!! i want one!!!! So awesome, maybe more awesome than hyenas?
when were they discovered?

amandalee said...

i have one of those in the bathtub.

it smells funny

Lauren said...

It was first discovered in the seventies. They have popped up all over the place, but always by chance and usually alone. I guess that's what makes them so rare.

Except for the one in our bathroom, apparently.

reneeglitch said...

soooo cute.