Part Deux

For those of you who spent hours salavating over the Autotuned deliciousness that was "A Glorious Dawn- Cosmos remixed" Get ready to get your jaws wet with yet another beautiful creation titled "Symphony of Science".

This time it features the likes of Richard Feynman, Degrassi Tyson, Bill Nye :), and of course, Carl.

Please, take a seat...



Forgive all the strikethrough a.k.a under-handed snarkiness BUT!

I just about puked when I saw these new Jean-Michel Basquiat Reebok joints. Since all good things must be capitilzed and choked until it is no longer breathing and/or valid eventually end up floating into mainstream media, I must say I'm quite pleased with the finished product. For those of you who were born in the south (kidding!) Under a rock, Basquiat was a brilliant 20th century Neo-expressionist artist from Brooklyn who passed away in the late 80s.

His work is:

A. Everything that could be found in my nightmares as a child. OR
B. Filed the encyclopedia under "Is that called art or being bat-shit crazy?"

That being said, I have a birthday coming up so, uh... hinty-hint-hint.



Mother of god.

At least they picked appropriate music to accompany the video.