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Thanks to Kris Atomic's AMAZING blog I am now both aware and currently dying without Karla Spectic's AW10 line featuring prints by the super talented Caitlin Shearer as well as Palmer and Son's in-fucking-credible padlock bag.

Observe the divinity of both below:

Those color palettes! You MUST click to enlarge and view the beauty of these designs.

You can find more from Karla here and Caitlin here

Leather Gladstone bag No. 1

Palmer And Sons

Side Note:
I was in BCBG today and was outraged by the $400 price tags on some of the dresses. I mean...really? For the same price you can get that timeless bag that will probably last you a lifetime. I would like to see some of those dresses last six months before falling apart. IMHO.


The Catorialist

A cheeky furry version of the ever-so iconic street fashion blog, The Sartorialist

Enjoy ♥


So... is Luella over?

For the last year there has been a buzz around British Designer Luella Bartley who lost her financial backing due to the recession. Luella, who was named British designer of the year in 2008, announced she will not be able to send out her spring/summer 2010 collection which got raving reviews across the board at fashion week. Luella is and will always be one of my favorite designers. Her collections, even the ones from years ago, are timeless and always in fashion, regardless of the forcasted tend of the season. Luella speaks to the little girl inside all of us, from oversized pea-coats that look straight out of Audrey Hepburn's private collection, to peek-a-boo heart cut-outs on her classic cocktail dresses. Surely it's not the end for Bartley, but even going a season without a little Luella to perk up the racks is something to mourn over.

A pictorial moment of silence, please:


Paul and Joe

This isn't the first time I've raved about the French Brand Paul & Joe's beautiful cosmetic line. You might recognize their more commercial line, Paul & Joe Sister, which had a special run at Urban Outfitters last season. Created in France and based out of Japan, these super elusive cosmetics are definately one to covet. Paul & Joe first caught my eye when they collaborated with Disney to create a limited edition focused mainly around the furrier side of the Disney lineup,including lipsticks with the Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp. In honor of the recent recreation of "Alice in Wonderland," Paul and Joe are back with special packaging featuring our favorite curious heroine, Alice, in all of her original Disney Splendor. I've had the pleasure of using quite a few of these products in the past and I must say that from a makeup artist perspective, the line is worth every penny. Not only does the actual product hold up spec wise, but with packaging as pretty as this, who wouldn't want to take home a piece of their own?


Spring is almost here!! That means we can finally sun our ghostly legs and skip around in our favorite scandals once more! These are on the top of my spring lust list thus far:

Both dresses: Topshop

Batgirl Glasses: Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow

Platform Sandals: Burberry