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Thanks to Kris Atomic's AMAZING blog I am now both aware and currently dying without Karla Spectic's AW10 line featuring prints by the super talented Caitlin Shearer as well as Palmer and Son's in-fucking-credible padlock bag.

Observe the divinity of both below:

Those color palettes! You MUST click to enlarge and view the beauty of these designs.

You can find more from Karla here and Caitlin here

Leather Gladstone bag No. 1

Palmer And Sons

Side Note:
I was in BCBG today and was outraged by the $400 price tags on some of the dresses. I mean...really? For the same price you can get that timeless bag that will probably last you a lifetime. I would like to see some of those dresses last six months before falling apart. IMHO.

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