Paul and Joe

This isn't the first time I've raved about the French Brand Paul & Joe's beautiful cosmetic line. You might recognize their more commercial line, Paul & Joe Sister, which had a special run at Urban Outfitters last season. Created in France and based out of Japan, these super elusive cosmetics are definately one to covet. Paul & Joe first caught my eye when they collaborated with Disney to create a limited edition focused mainly around the furrier side of the Disney lineup,including lipsticks with the Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp. In honor of the recent recreation of "Alice in Wonderland," Paul and Joe are back with special packaging featuring our favorite curious heroine, Alice, in all of her original Disney Splendor. I've had the pleasure of using quite a few of these products in the past and I must say that from a makeup artist perspective, the line is worth every penny. Not only does the actual product hold up spec wise, but with packaging as pretty as this, who wouldn't want to take home a piece of their own?

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