So... is Luella over?

For the last year there has been a buzz around British Designer Luella Bartley who lost her financial backing due to the recession. Luella, who was named British designer of the year in 2008, announced she will not be able to send out her spring/summer 2010 collection which got raving reviews across the board at fashion week. Luella is and will always be one of my favorite designers. Her collections, even the ones from years ago, are timeless and always in fashion, regardless of the forcasted tend of the season. Luella speaks to the little girl inside all of us, from oversized pea-coats that look straight out of Audrey Hepburn's private collection, to peek-a-boo heart cut-outs on her classic cocktail dresses. Surely it's not the end for Bartley, but even going a season without a little Luella to perk up the racks is something to mourn over.

A pictorial moment of silence, please:


amanda lee said...

Some one will back her! the work is already done!

Colleen said...

Oh her designs are DARLING! sob sob