Hurry up and wait

Waiting to make plans is the equivalent of my own personal hell. 


The life aquatic part. 2

In light of our Nation's birthday and our joint fear of rednecks with fireworks, we decided to use our new-founded knowledge of the river eco-system and resume our patriotic celebrations in Howenwald, TN (Yeah, I never heard of it either) for some sweet canoeing action. The day was filled with margaritas, being launched into various snake/spider pits, tipping over, rope swings and exhausting exercise in the hot, southern sun. Much to our surprise we made it out with limbs intact and snake bite free.

This is where various forms of death reside.

Incredible swimming hole

Creepy, abandoned cabins

Victory laps

The life aquatic part. 1

Last week we embarked on a day trip to the Chattanooga aquarium. The aquarium is divided into two sections: River and Ocean. The ocean section is where we spent most of our time as the river section (otters excluded) had us bored to tears. 

Penguin exhibit unfortunately named: "That's Cool!"

Gigantic spider crabs


(Insert Bansky movie reference here.)

o hai